How have we made our Supply Chain transparent and sustainable?
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Organic Manufacturing

Independent QA/QC for Lot to Lot Testing

Supply Chain Walkthrough Video

Collected Rainwater for Irrigation

100% USDA Organic Soil

Solar Power for Electricity and Self-sustainability

Unique water extraction process – allows for gentle extraction of the entire vitamin/mineral complex that includes naturally occurring co-factors & co-nutrients

No synthetic solvents are used in this water extraction process

No carriers, excipients, or filler materials are used in spray drying

The entire Green Chem manufacturing facility is NSF Certified, ISO 22000, cGMP, and USDA Organic

HPLC Assays to determine standardizations as per our Spec Sheets

Heavy metals analysis by ICP-MS – CA Prop 65 and EU compliant

Microbiological checks in place to ensure our standards are met (stricter than legal standards)

HPTLC botanical fingerprinting to ensure proper identity match of plant part used and extract

Lot to lot QA/QC in place: our independent QA/QC will not approve a lot for export unless they are fully satisfied